Monday, November 27, 2006

Garden Shrub and Tree Planting Mix

For the last two weeks, it's been unusally quiet around here. No low flying aircraft vibrating the house (A number of congressmen, including Rep. Boyd and former Rep. Scarbourough as well as a Pentagon JAG can verify my familiarity with helicopters). No police escorts when I go to town. No crank calls. Even the frequency of hang-up calls decreased significantly. There was some vandalism to a family member's car within the last few days, but that just could have been random and not some cop stooge. So I was curious as to why some helicopter at approximately 9:55 a.m. this morning would "break the truce." I heard one coming in low and fast, so I went out to take a look. It sounded like a military one, but not quite. It certainly wasn't one of the state whinny engined ones. I then saw it flying just above tree top level about 100 yards south of the house in a south south-east direction. It wasn't military or one of the regular state ones, but possibly one of the new medical emergency ones or some police helicopter that I didn't recognize. The pilot was quite good. But why 100 yards south of the house just beyond a small copse of oak and over an open area? They usually buzz the house. It couldn't possibly be the bag of Garden Shrub and Tree Planting Mix that I left there Friday? I intended to plant a tree there later that afternoon, but I didn't get around to it. Surely, "they" couldn't be looking at this package of garden mix with some fertilizer as a "drop," which would serve as a pretext for another raid? According to a knowledgeable neighbor, the appropriate recipient of any such "drop" might be some local law enforcement officer. Of course, this all sounds silly, but what was this morning's daring do all about? Take a closer look at the package (video freeze frame)?

I am concerned in light of one of the FDLE stooges saying that next time "they'll shoot first and ask questions later." Of course, he was joking, that is if he remembers that comment, but I'm concerned nonetheless. I don't want any more SWAT raids or late night helicopter visits. So what was it about? Couldn't possibly be anything to do with my letter to Assistant State Attorney Lewis? I asked him a simple question: Did he see the videotape that he copied in response to my Public Records Request? The Honorable Steve Meadows refused to even reply to my PRR. Only after I asked AG Charlie Crist's office where do I send Public Records Requests for public records in the possession of State Attorneys did Mr. Lewis contact me. I don't want any family member, pet, or myself being yet another "tragic and unfortunate incident" in the so-called war on drugs. At any rate, that incident motivated me to plant that persimmon tree a short time later.

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beinghacked said...


Mr. Keegan,
Just read your plight tonight. Sounds like the kind of runaround I
have gotten in Okaloosa County from the sheriff and FDLE.
How is your persimmon tree? Might consider planting a pomergranite tree and hanging a fly catcher in it. By the way, Saturday 01/08/11 I drove to Holmes Co to visit relatives and was subjected to the electronic torture the perps do while driving, and finally turned around on hwy 81 and came home. I am saddened by this Nazi agenda that these individuals are doing to citizens of Florida. I am in communication with a number of people all the way to Key West that are subjected to these horrible crimes.